3 Big Things in Solar

Solar & Battery Roadshow – Geelong region

Torquay based solar business Green Energy Options is hitting the road to talk about the latest advances in solar power and battery storage technology at their upcoming roadshow. Home and business owners will get the opportunity to see new products, learn about new technologies and have their questions answered by experts, with information sessions being held around Geelong, the Bellarine & Surfcoast.

“The solar industry is fast moving” says Green Energy Options director, Aaron Lewtas “Three big things that we’re seeing in the solar industry right now, are an upsurge in enquiries about battery storage, a steady increase in the number of businesses installing solar and a trend towards smarter, microinverter solar systems” he said.

Battery Storage


Enphase AC Battery

Tesla grabbed everyone’s attention recently with the launch of their Powerwall battery that put a focus on home battery storage. Enphase recently launched its new AC battery which, with a low starting price of around $2,500 and the ability to be retrofitted to existing solar systems, has seen double the expected uptake in pre-orders. During the roadshow, we’ll be discussing the storage options available for grid connected and off-grid homeowners.

Commercial Solar


25kW Torquay Commercial Solar installation

With smart businesses looking for ways to reduce their overheads and become more efficient, solar has become a favoured way to reduce electricity costs and improve margins. “Any business that’s using power during the day is in a good position to take advantage of solar” said Lewtas. Geelong business owner Mick Robertson also took advantage of the Governments $20,000 tax break, and says “Solar is already looking at being a great saver on electricity, and will pay for itself in 2-4 years”.



Enphase S Series microinverters


When it comes to smart solar, Enphase microinverters have some advantages over traditional centralised inverter solar systems. Microinverters are installed under the solar panels and offer panel level optimisation, improving system performance, particularly in shade. They also make solar safer and give more flexibility for tricky roofs and system expansions.

Recent surveys suggest that trust is a major barrier for those wanting to go solar. “Many companies are resorting to door knocking and cold calling, and Green Energy Options would like to break down those barriers and connect with our customers” said Lewtas. Green Energy Options will be running information sessions from 7-9pm in Torquay (July 26), Ocean Grove (July 28), Belmont (Aug 3) and Winchelsea (Aug 4). For further details and RSVP go to www.tiny.cc/geo-solar