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Enphase storage system

Enphase solar AC battery set to shake things up

Solar Microinverter manufacturer, Enphase Energy is set to release their new AC battery to Australia in August and last week they confirmed special pricing for a limited number of units for pre-sale.

We’re pretty excited here at Green Energy Options, we think that Enphase have a unique battery storage solution that could be a game changer in the way residential battery storage is done.  Their AC battery enclosure includes a 1.2kWh Lithium Ferrite Phosphate battery and a microinverter which is AC coupled to provide 240V AC power to appliances in the home.

With a large number of solar home batteries hitting the Australian market in recent months it’s hard to know which way to look. Electric car manufacturer, Tesla have managed to capture the mainstream’s attention with their Tesla Powerwall home battery and other major electronics companies like LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have also entered the market.

So, what’s so good about Enphase’s AC battery? I hear you ask.

Well, Enphase are making home battery storage more affordable and easier to install than ever before and here’s a few reasons why we think it’s great.


Probably the thing we like the most about the Enphase AC battery is that it’s small and modular. Each unit is 1.2kWh of total storage capacity (1.1kWh usable) meaning that you can start off small and expand the system as you go.  Most other batteries are much larger in the 3-10kWh range, meaning that the starting price is higher and the size is often larger than what’s required.


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Flexible Design

When it comes to designing a storage system to suit your circumstances, this modularity allows for flexibility that other battery systems don’t. Remember that to get the most financial benefit out of your battery storage system; you really want to be cycling the battery to its full capacity every day within the warranty period. This means you need enough excess solar to charge the battery during the day and that you want to be using enough electricity in the evenings to draw down the battery to its full capacity too.

Now as there will always be times when you are away, out for dinner or not consuming enough energy at night, the larger your battery storage system is, the more likely it will be to have battery capacity sitting there, that you’ve paid for, that’s not being used. The Enphase AC battery allows us to design the right sized system to suit you.


Enphase’s AC battery system allows a low price point for entry that isn’t possible with other battery storage solutions. The speed and ease of installation is another factor that contributes to keeping costs down, with a single unit able to be installed in around half an hour.

People wanting to start with a small battery system and grow it are now able to enter with a price point starting at under $2,500 fully installed (for one unit), with the price reducing for additional units. This now makes it highly accessible for many homeowners around Geelong.


The Enphase AC battery will be compatible with any existing solar system, it won’t matter if you have an Enphase microinverter system or a traditional string inverter system, it will work. This means you won’t need to replace your existing inverter or install a separate battery charging inverter for the batteries.

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Enphase have shown with their microinverters that they can manufacture at scale with a very low failure rate, while maintaining a high quality product that lasts. With a 10 year warranty on their AC battery, based on cycling the battery twice a day, Enphase probably have one of the cheapest battery storage systems in cost per warranted kWh.


  • Enphase’s AC Battery system uses prismatic cells from leading Japanese battery manufacturer Eliiy Power, which are very stable over time.
  • The battery doesn’t have any high voltage DC in the system
  • Safety certified by independent German certification body TUV Rheinland

Probably a couple of things worth noting with this battery is;

  1. That it is designed to capture the main value proposition for grid connected solar customers; capturing excess solar rather than exporting it to the grid. If you are after a battery that provides backup if the grid goes down, this is not currently a solution that will be able to do this. If backup is what you’re after, give us a call, we have other solutions that will be more appropriate.
  2. You will need to install an Enphase Envoy-S-Metered, which is the smart controller that monitors and manages the energy coming from the solar and being stored in the battery, as well as when the energy is discharged. The Envoy also doubles as a solar and consumption monitor and these are normally installed in a separate switchboard or hub in a garage or near the switchboard.

 With a background in manufacturing solar microinverters, Enphase have always stated that they are an energy company, with a vision for a whole of home energy solution. This is one of the things that excites me most, as they are looking not only at solar and battery storage, but beyond this towards the smart home and the clever energy management of appliances.

With so many benefits, and the first shipment of Enphase batteries coming to Australia in August, we expect there to be a swift uptake of the Enphase AC battery. Call us now on 1300 931 929 to pre-order your own Enphase AC battery.


For more information on the enphase home battery storage visit the website:


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