Solar Mounting Systems

Geelong Solar Mounting Systems

One of the least sexy and often overlooked components of a solar power system is the solar mounting system that attaches the panels to the roof or the ground. This is sometimes referred to as a racking, framing or railing system. The mounting system is a pretty important part of a solar system and all mounting systems need to be supplied with an engineering certificate showing they comply with the relevant standards.

At Green Energy Options we think there are a number of benefits that come from using a high quality mounting system, here’s a few examples:

  1. It provides peace of mind that the panels are secure and won’t be blown away in strong winds.
  2. It improves the performance of your solar system, through good airflow around the panels and/or optimising the angle of the solar array.
  3. Minimises potential for corrosion and in turn reduces maintenance costs and helps improve the return on investment of your system.
  4. If there are problems, questions or warranty issues, having a reputable, responsive, local business to deal with is important.

Green Energy Options use the Sunlock mounting systems on our solar installations. Sunlock’s documentation on installation and engineering requirements is probably the most detailed available for rooftop installations in Australia and is backed by a 10 year warranty. Best of all, its Australian made, manufactured right here in Melbourne by Ullrich aluminium. Here are some examples of Sunlock’s fixings for different roof types:

Standard corrugated tin roof

On a standard corrugated tin roof an L-foot is usually used. It attaches into the top ridge of the corrugation and is isolated from the tin by a rubber pad to stop water ingress and electrochemical corrosion between dissimilar metals.

Sunlock L Foot

Tile bracket

On a tile roof, there is no need to drill through every tile, we simply lift the tile, attach the tile bracket to the rafter and slide the top tile back into place. The tile bracket’s arm fits between the two tiles and the rail is then attached to the bracket’s upright arm.

Solar Tile Bracket

Tilt frame

Tilt frames are normally used on flat rooves or rooves with a low pitch. By tilting the panels up towards the north to a steeper angle you are able to optimise the output of your system. Note that tilt framing adds a cost to the solar system so it’s not always the best option for increasing energy harvest. Sometimes it will work out better to spend the money on adding an extra couple of panels to increase output. Green Energy Options is happy to assist you with working out what will be best for your home or business.

Soalr tilt frames geelong

EcoGeneration has also put together a guide called The Australian Mounting System Guide, this provides a great overview of what to look out for in a solar mounting system. Ecogeneration Mounting Systems Guide

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