Commercial Solar PV System Geelong

Many businesses are now finding that electricity is one of their biggest input costs and it is reducing their profit margins. At the same time the price of electricity is increasing, the price of photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems has been dropping dramatically. Commercial solar PV systems in Geelong have more than halved in cost over the past few years and in many cases commercial solar PV has reached what’s known as ‘socket parity’ where it is now cheaper to generate electricity from solar than it is to continue purchasing electricity from the grid.

Many people are surprised to find out that Australia’s residential market for rooftop solar power systems was the biggest in the world in 2011. It has grown to the point where one in eight homes nationally have solar PV systems installed. With Australia’s abundance of sunlight, there are now some great opportunities arising for businesses to invest in solar power.


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Is a Commercial Solar PV System right for me?

Here are a few questions that will help to identify; is solar power a good option for you?

  •  Do you own the building or have a long term lease?
  •  Are you paying 15 cents p/kWh or more for your electricity?
  •  Does a large portion of your electricity consumption happen during daylight hours?

If you’ve answered yes to the above questions, then installing a commercial solar PV system is likely to provide you with substantial savings on your yearly bill and a healthy return on your investment. To give you an idea, a 30kW commercial solar PV system could save you up to $10,000 or more on your electricity costs per year. As well as the potential for a great financial investment solar can also provide other benefits to your business.

  • Green Marketing Potential
  • Greater Energy Independence
  • Leadership within your industry
  • Contributing to environmental sustainability

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Government Incentives for Commercial Solar PV Systems Geelong

Government Incentives are constantly changing, but currently there are still a number of incentives in place for commercial solar PV systems. The main assistance for commercial solar comes through the Renewable Energy Target, a market based mechanism that could contribute $60,000 towards the cost of a solar PV system. The Federal government recently announced a $20,000 tax break for businesses with a turnover under $10 million. Installing a commercial solar PV system is a great opportunity for business owners to make the tax write off work for them.

Green Energy Options provide a free, no obligation, on-site consultation, to assess your solar opportunities and answer any questions you have. We can provide a detailed analysis of your electricity consumption and provide detailed  financial scenarios on what a solar system could save you.  To find out more information on commercial solar systems or organise a free on site consultation give us a call on 1300 931 929.