Commercial Solar Services





 Green Energy Options offer a range of services for Commercial solar and Industrial solar business customers looking to install a solar power system. Our team has the expertise, knowledge and experience to guide your business towards a brighter future with solar, helping you to understand what solution is right for your business. Here are some of the services we offer to commercial solar customers:


Site Inspection & Consultationcommercial-solar-site-inspection-consultation


Green Energy Options provide a free on-site solar consultation for all commercial solar customers. The initial meeting can normally be broken into two parts; the site inspection and the solar consultation. The site inspection allows us to capture important information about your site like the location of solar panels, inverter positioning, site access, cable runs, switchboard location, site shading and the building structure. The solar consultation allows us to learn more about your businesses requirements, we can talk you through the operation of a commercial solar system, potential savings and system sizing options as well as analysing your electricity bills to come up with a tailored commercial solar solution for your situation.




Design, Feasibility & Approvals commercial-solar-design-feasibility-approvals

Once we have gathered information about your site, our Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designers will customise a commercial solar system to suit your needs. Green Energy Options only use Tier 1 solar components from industry leading, well recognised and established manufacturers, and our commercial solar systems comply with all relevant Australian Standards, CEC guidelines and network requirements. We can provide project feasibility analysis using industry leading software program PVSell, this can provide potential scenarios for savings, payback period, ROI and NPV. All solar gird connection approvals and documentation will be looked after by Green Energy Options and we take care of all STC and government incentive paperwork.



Example of solar production report provided as part of the system design

Solar Finance commercial-solar-finance-options

There are a number of different options when it comes to financing a commercial solar system, some businesses opt to put up the capital themselves or go direct to their own bank or institution. Though our finance partners, Green Energy Options can now provide an innovative range of finance and leasing options for our commercial solar customers.

Rental:  Businesses can now go solar with a $0 down lease arrangement, allowing you to save money from day one, while keeping your cash free to use in other areas of your business. A solar lease or rental is often looked upon favourably by business from a depreciation and tax perspective. We can offer solar lease options through our partner Solaris Finance out to 7 years.

Loan:  Green Energy Options can assist with solar loan options when financing your commercial solar power system. In some areas we work with the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, who have partnerships with local council to offer a loan that is repaid through your rates notice. With this product most business customers will find that they are able to install commercial solar for $0 upfront and be in a cash flow positive position from day one.


Solar Rental Graph – image courtesy of Solaris Finance


Government incentives are still available in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) also known as STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) or LGC’s (Large-scale Generation Certificates). These can help to reduce the upfront system cost by thousands of dollars, depending on your system size. For example a 100kW commercial solar system currently attracts over $70,000 in STCs, which is normally offered as a point of sale discount. Please note that on Jan 1st 2017 the STC deeming period will be reduced, leading to a reduction in the government incentive as a point of sale discount. Other government incentives that may assist your business to install solar panels may be available at a federal, state or local level. Call us now to find out more 1300 931 929.

Tax breaks for solar are available for many businesses. According to the Australian Tax Office a photovoltaic solar power system is normally depreciated over 20 years. Under the Federal Government’s new tax incentive for small business, if your business turns over less than $2 million dollars a year, capital purchases of up to $20,000 like solar power systems may be written off in the first year. We recommend that you speak with your accountant to confirm if this advice is suitable for your business. *Note that the current government has proposed in it’s 2016 budget that the income threshold for eligibility to the $20,000 tax break will be increased to $10 million from July 1 2016.

PLEASE NOTE: The information included in this article is provided as a starting point when considering how to pay for a solar power system, it does not take into account your businesses circumstance, Green Energy Options does not provide financial advice and strongly recommends seeking professional financial advice and reading the associated terms and conditions before making any decisions on financing your solar system.

Installation & Project Management commercial-solar-installation-project-management

The installation of your commercial solar power system is project managed by Green Energy Options from start to finish. Green Energy Options provide a single point of contact throughout the project to make sure the procurement of stock and logistics, site preparation, workplace safety management, engineering and technical matters and are delivered on time and with minimal disruption to your businesses operations. All our design and installation activities are completed by the appropriate Clean Energy Council Accredited solar installers, fully qualified electricians and engineers.

Once your installation has been commissioned, we provide a full briefing and handover on the operation of your solar system. All user manuals, engineering and technical datasheets, safety certification and gird connection documentation are provided in our handover package.


South Geelong Primary School solar installation

Monitoring, Maintenance & Support commercial-solar-monitoring-maintenance-support

All our commercial solar systems include online system monitoring options. This provides you and your customers with insights into what’s happening on your roof, it gives you the peace of mind that we can monitor your solar system’s performance remotely, troubleshooting offsite if required.  If you wish to promote your business’s leadership in this area, Green Energy Options can assist in presenting system monitoring to your customers and the general public with options for displaying your solar system’s performance through a television in your foyer or embedded link on your website are available.

On handover, Green Energy Options provide a full and comprehensive service and maintenance schedule. Our team can provide a maintenance solution to suit your solar system and situation; we provide maintenance packages for companies requiring regular cleaning and checks or alternatively we are available when necessary to service your commercial solar power system.

We pride ourselves in making your business’s transition to solar as easy, enjoyable and seamless as possible and this extends to our post install, solar support. Continued customer relationships are important to us, so ongoing, timely support is only a phone call away, should you need assistance, our friendly solar team is on hand to answer questions or in the unlikely event of a technical issue.



If you would like to get more information on commercial solar, please feel free to contact us 1300 931 929 or leave a message here