Solar System Maintenance Geelong

Grid-connected solar PV systems have no moving parts and are designed to operate with minimal solar maintenance. It is recommended that solar system maintenance is performed by a CEC accredited installer.


Under the Electricity Distribution Code, there are a number of requirements that owners of solar power systems must comply with. Ideally a 12 monthly solar maintenance check will confirm that your system complies with the distribution code, is performing to its full capacity and poses no safety issues.


Regular solar maintenance will ensure that:


  • Dirt, dust, leaves or salt build up isn’t inhibiting solar system performance.
  • Solar mounting hardware and clamps are secure.
  • No corrosion is occurring on solar panel frames or mounting.
  • No discolouration or cracking of the solar panels.
  • Solar performance is in line with estimates.
  • The system is electrically sound.


Green Energy Options offer online monitoring solutions for all of our solar system installations. This means that we can monitor your system performance remotely. Automatic email alerts will help us to maximise your solar system’s uptime and reduce financial losses from your system being inactive. Give us a call to find out more.