Keeping in the solar loop

Solar power and renewable energy industries have been growing quickly over the last few years. With this fast growth comes fast change and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the improvements in technology, price variations, government policy shifts and industry news.

Looking at solar photovoltaics (PV) pricing in particular, it’s been dropping so quickly that if you looked at it three months ago, your information is probably out of date. Even the most optimistic forecasts for solar module prices haven’t predicted the rate at which they have decreased over the last few years. Many of the price decreases have been caused by an oversupply of panels worldwide, with many new manufacturers coming online in China and some companies having to sell their product at less than cost to be competitive. Now with the Australian dollar dropping and panel manufacturers trying to build back profit into their businesses, we are expecting panel prices in the short term could go up.

Anglesea Solar system

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