SMA Solar Inverters Geelong

SMA Solar Inverters Geelong

SMA Sunny Boy inverters Germany

Most solar installers would agree that SMA solar inverters are world leading when it comes to solar inverter technology. Founded in 1981 in Germany, they now have representations across 19 countries including Australia, a global workforce of over 5,500 and a sales volume of EUR $1.7 Billion in 2011. Their range of SMA solar inverters is almost endless, from their well-known Sunnyboy range, to the Sunny mini-central, High frequency, Transformerless, Tripower and Sunny Island for off-grid/hybrid options, there is a solution for all applications. Their inverters are reliable, user friendly and suitable for both outdoor and indoor installation. SMA solar inverters come with a five year warranty with options to extend. Online monitoring is available through their Webconnect module and/or Sunny Portal interface.

With efficiencies of up to 99%, an Australian office and a great reputation they are hard to go past.

As we move towards a future where most household electrical household appliances will be connected to the internet, SMA is right across “the internet of things” with their Smart Home solution. The smart home allows your solar system to take care of your energy needs without having to think about it. With the Sunny home manager is able to check the weather and advise when to turn your appliances on, or if internet connected, do it for you. Imagine a system that can pick the right moment to turn your washing machine, one the batteries are full and when there’s excess sunlight that you don’t want to sell back to the grid for a low rate. Well, the future is here with SMA solar inverters smart home.


They are the most recognised name in solar inverters for a reason.

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