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Our Solar Panels

Solar panels supplied by Green Energy Options include REC solar, JA solar, LG Solar, Tindo Solar and Trina Solar. We offer a range of premium solar modules for homes and businesses in the Geelong, Surfcoast, Bellarine , Melbourne and Western Victorian regions. We aren’t interested in using cheap or inferior panels and will only source modules from Tier 1 suppliers that have a strong background and are well recognised within the solar industry.

What we look for when selecting a solar panel:

  • The manufacturer’s financial background, their history and current capacity is important if you’re wanting a product from a company that will be around to support you if things go wrong. There have been many cases of panel faults, where the company is no longer around to support the warranty.
  • We’ll also analyse the solar panel’s performance in independent tests, as well as through real world data on our online monitoring portal that tracks all of the installations that we do. Again by buying cheap panels, it increases the chances of either the panel not actually putting out it’s nameplate output to start with or faster degradation or even failure due to inferior materials.
  • Looking at the technical specifications of the panel is important. Positive power tolerance and a low temperature coefficient will result in better performance.
  • The build quality of each solar panel brand is also something that we’ll look at, we’ve heard reports of framing that’s not square, junction boxes that have been glued on crooked and general bad workmanship. If you can visibly detect issues with a panel, it makes you wonder what else might have been overlooked in the manufacturing process.

We want to make sure we are only using products that will perform well and have good longevity, to make your Geelong Solar panel installation a robust and reliable investment.

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To find out more about the solar panels that we use, please feel free to contact us info@greenenergyoptions or 1300 931 929