REC solar panels

If you’re after a premium performance solar panel that ticks all the boxes, REC solar hit’s the spot. REC solar is a Norwegian company who manufacture their solar PV panels in Singapore. REC are the largest vertically integrated European manufacturer of solar panels worldwide, this means they are involved in every aspect of manufacturing a solar panel, from refining the silicon to wafer and cell production, through to panel assembly and even project development. REC solar panels started manufacturing wafers for solar PV back in 1994, they have now grown to be one of the largest and most respected solar manufacturers in the world. Bloomberg New Energy Finance rates them as the most financially safe module manufacturer company in the PV market according to their Q4 2013 benchmark, based on the Altman-Z score.

REC solar award winning panels

REC won the prestigious Intersolar award for photovoltaics in 2015 with their twinpeak panels

REC Press Release Intersolar Award

REC solar panel manufacturing

REC solar panels have a state of the art, highly automated production process, this helps to minimise human error in the manufacturing process, reducing contamination and leading to a higher quality, better performing panel. REC Solar’s industry leading silicon production using their proprietary Fluid Bed Reactor (FBR) process means that their panels have the fastest energy payback in the industry, at less than one year. This means that the energy that goes into manufacturing a REC solar panel is offset by the energy it generates in the first year of production.


REC Peak 260PE Solar Module Datasheet

The award winning REC Solar Panels – Peak Energy modules have been installed widely across Australia, their particularly good performance in high temperatures and low light conditions suit the Australian climate well. REC modules have also performed well in independent testing, both under the Fraunhofer institute and the once respected Photon field tests, where they have been shown to outperform their competitors in real world conditions. Some of the key benefits of their panel are listed below:

  • Positive power tolerance of 0/+5W
  • PID Free – Potential Induced Degradation occurs when high voltages pass through a solar array like in most string inverter systems, if the panels aren’t PID free you risk losing output through PID over time.
  • Temperature Coefficient -0.40%/°C – the lower temperature coefficient the better, it indicates how the panel will operate at high temperatures. REC solar panels are at the front of the pack for performance in heat
  • Energy payback time of less than one year.
  • 25 Year Linear Power Warranty/ 12 Year Product Warranty



REC Solar panels are a true Tier 1 manufacturer with headquarters in Norway.

Green Energy Options pair the REC Solar Panels, Peak Energy 260W module with the Enphase M215 micro-inverter as well as the Fronius, SMA and ABB string inverters.