Tindo Solar Panels Geelong

Tindo Solar build solar PV panels at their solar manufacturing plant over in Adelaide. Proudly Australian made and owned Tindo Solar produce a high quality, high performance solar panel. Their flagship model is a Tindo Karra 260W AC module, paired with the Enphase M215 micro-inverter, which is mounted to the panel frame in the manufacturing process making for easy installation. Tindo also offer a traditional 260W DC panel for string inverter systems.

Tindo Solar Panels Geelong

4kW Tindo Solar Install Geelong


The Tindo Karra panel has been put together from a selection of premium ingredients. Everything from the high efficiency cells, to the Bridgestone EVA Laminate, the Dow Cornering silicone edge seal and the Dupont Tedlar backsheet. If you are after advanced, high-quality technology, made right here in Australia and now at a competitive price Tindo solar provide a great solution for Australian conditions.

Tindo Karra 260W Australian made solar

Tindo Solar, Australian made solar panels

Tindo Karra solar panel

Tindo Karra 260W Solar Panel Datasheet