Trina solar panels

In 2014 Trina solar claimed the top position as the largest solar manufacturer in the world, shipping 3.7GW of panels that year (that’s 15 million 250W modules).  Trina solar is a brand that you can trust, they are a vertically integrated solar PV panel manufacturer, meaning they have control over the whole manufacturing process from refining the silicon, to casting the wafers, making the cells and assembling the panels, all under their own high quality control and standards. Trina solar panels are being used in residential, commercial and utility scale projects all over the world, and you don’t become the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer without running a strong business and building credibility through the reliability, strength and performance of your product.

Trina Australia

Trina Honey Solar Panel

Australia’s most popular solar panel

On top of all this Trina solar has been Australia’s most installed panel in 2013 and 2014 and it currently has the largest rooftop solar installation in Australia, a 1.2MW install at the University of Queensland. If you’re talking about runs on the board, Trina Solar has it. If you’re after more credibility check out the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC), their ranking system ranks Trina as number one as the solar panel m who has the best environmental and social performance.

Trina Honey 260W Multicrystaline Solar Panel

At Green Energy Options we have been using the 260W Trina Honey multicrystaline solar panel. Trina solar invests strongly in research and development and the Honey cell is part of that investment. It claims to have found the ‘sweet spot’ between cutting-edge technology and cost-effective solar, with one of the main features being the enhanced texturing of the solar cell’s surface, reducing reflectivity and improving performance. Here are a couple of the other reasons we think the Trina Honey solar panel is great:

Trina Honey Datasheet

Trina Solar 260W Honey Module Datasheet



  • Positive power tolerance of 0/+3%
  • PID Free – Potential Induced Degradation occurs when high voltages pass through a solar array like in most string inverter systems, if the panels aren’t PID free you risk losing output through PID over time.
  • Temperature Coefficient -0.41%/°C – the lower temperature coefficient the better, it indicates how the panel will operate at high temperatures.
  • 25 Year Linear Power Warranty/ 10 Year Product Warranty





So if you’re after a true Tier 1 panel manufacturer, with panels at a competitive price, check out Trina Solar.

Green Energy Options pair the Trina Honey 260W module with the Enphase M215 microinverter as well as the Fronius, SMA and ABB string inverters.

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