Sunlock solar mounting systems

Sunlock solar mounting hardware


Sunlock solar mounting systems are designed and manufactured here in Australia, they are considered the most thoroughly engineered solar mounting system available in Australia and come with a 10 year warranty. Providing a corrosion resistant, low maintenance solution made from Aluminium 6106-T6 extrusion. Sunlock provide solar mounting solutions for a range of different rooves and solar solutions:

Sunlock Commercial tilt frames

Sunlock Commercial tilt frames

  • Tin & tile rooves
  • Tilt Frames
  • Ground mounts
  • Non-penetrating roof clamps
  • Commercial tilt frames


If you’re after a high quality solar system, the mounting or racking system is a big part of it. Sunlock provide peace of mind, helping to minimise maintenance and maximise return on investment, with a strong solar mounting system and responsive local Melbourne office to deal with any questions.

For more info give us a call on 1300 931 929 or head to the Sunlock website