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advantages-of-enphase-s-series-microinverterDiscover the Solar Microinverter Advantage


Solar microinverters have been around for a while, but it’s only been more recently that their popularity has exploded in North America, Europe and now Australia. Recent reductions in the price of microinverters as well as increases in efficiency and reliability have meant that microinverters are increasing their market share and look to be here to stay. American company Enphase has been the market leader, they were the first to commercialise microinverters and have now shipped over 4 million units worldwide, more than any other microinverter supplier.

Green Energy Options is a specialist in microinverter installations with experience installing a range of different microinverters, including APS, Enphase, Enecsys, Power-One and SolarBridge. There are a number of benefits that come with micro-inverters, here’s a few reasons why we like them and why the Enphase micro-inverters have been so popular:

  • 10 year inverter warranty
  • Improved performance
  • Web based monitoring
  • Safer system, minimised fire risk
  • Easy expandability
  • Flexible system options
  • Quicker installation
  • No PID degredation


    • A 10 Year Warranty on the Enphase microinverter  

      steps up from the 5 year warranty that comes standard with most  central string inverters, which will generally need to be replaced at least once in the life of a solar system. The microinverter is mounted behind the panel on the roof so they have been designed to be more robust. In the case of an inverter failure, the rest of the system will continue to operate, compared to a centralised inverter where the whole system is sown until the inverter is fixed or replaced.

    • Micro-inverters allow for improved performance

      through individual panel optimisation,  each panel is enabled to perform at it’s peak through individual maximum power point tracking (MPPT). In a centralised or string inverter system, where panels are connected in a series string the string will only working as well as it’s weakest link. This means that  if you have an under-performing panel due to shading, panel mismatch dirt build up or a different rate of degradation the strings affected will be dragged down to the level of the lowest performer. A microinverter avoids this issue and improves system performance. Here are a few links to back up the claim                                  RETI         NREL       ENPHASE

    • Web based panel monitoring

      is provided with all Enphase microinverter solar systems. The Enphase microinverter automatically uploads system performance details onto the internet, where you can monitor the whole system’s performance. This can help to reduce system downtime and can be really handy when troubleshooting as it allows easy identification of  issues should they arise. Green Energy Options can access your system’s details online and email alerts can be set to advise of any problems.

  • Safety. Microinverters are regarded as a safer system option 

    than a standard centralized inverter system. They eliminate the need for high voltage DC cable runs, instead replacing it with extra low voltage (ELV) DC out of the panel, with a standard 240VAC cable run back to the switchboard. In a situation where you need to isolate your system, once the solar main switch in the switchboard is turned off, the whole system will be turned off except for the 30-40V ELV from the panel. With a central inverter turning off the solar main switch results in the inverter turning off, but the solar array will still be running at a DC voltage up to 600V while there is sunlight on the array. This is why why micro-inverters are considered a better, safer option by firefighters.

  • Easy expandability

    is a great feature of microinverters; panels can be added very simply. There is no need for over sizing inverters or having to wire in a new inverter when you wish to increase your solar systems size. Panels can be easily installed one at a time with no series string considerations to worry about. This enables you to grow your system over time, as your needs change and within your financial budget. So you can add one panel or 100 panels, it’s easy!


*Please note Enphase microinverter has a 10 year warranty in Australia.

  • Design is simplified and more flexible;

as the solar panels don’t need to be configured in series strings like traditional systems, it is easier to take advantage of all appropriate roof areas. This can be particularly useful where there are small roof areas or different facing roves.

  • Quicker installation. 

By taking much of the DC componentry out of the solar system, it reduces the time and costs involved with installation. There is no central inverter to mount on a wall and th AC Cable run is not required to be in HD conduit like a standard DC system, the cable runs straigh from the rooftop isolator to the switchboard.


For more info on microinverters check out ecogeneration magazine’s The_Australian_Microinverter_Guide