Solar System Maintenance

Grid connect solar power systems are generally very low maintenance, however we do recommend that they are not ‘set and forget’ and some solar system maintenance, servicing and checks will be required over the system’s lifetime.

Remember that solar system components have been designed to operate for years, in harsh environments with minimal servicing required. We recommend sticking with high quality components from leading brands to minimise the potential for problems, or breakdowns in the future.

Solar panels normally come with a 10 year product warranty and  a 25 year performance guarantee (predicting that the system will still produce 80% of it’s initial power after 25 years). While your inverter will normally have a 5-10 year warranty as standard, with extensions possible at an additional cost. Note that a central string inverter will probably need to be replaced at some stage during the life of your solar panels. Green Energy Options also provide a five year workmanship warranty with all our solar installations and a free 12 month maintenance check on all our premium solar systems.

SMA STP7000TL-20

Solar system maintenance starts with keeping an eye on your system’s performance


As far as maintaining your system goes there are a few things that we recommend:

  • Check the system performance on a regular basis. (we suggest at least every 1-2 weeks) You can compare the daily system output with the monthly output figures provided to you in your user manual, or divide the total energy produced by the number of days in operation to give an average kWh/day figure. Most issues that can arise with your solar system will manifest with a loss of production, so this is the best thing that you can do to avoid loosing solar generation and alert you to the fact your system may need further checking.
  • Panel cleaning. most manufacturers recommend that if panels are installed on a 10 degree pitch or greater, rain should wash most of the dirt and dust off. Depending on your situation your panels may need cleaning every 6 months or up to 3 years.
  • Visual inspection of the solar array. (Every 1-3 years) A visual inspection of your solar array includes checking the panels for cracked glass, discolouration, spots or trails on the cells and corrosion. Make sure mounting hardware is secure and free from corrosion. Check for loose cables and roof penetrations are secure and not leaking. Isolators and cabling should also be checked for signs of UV degradation, corrosion or water ingress.
  • Check the array Voltages. This can normally be done by reading information displayed on your inverter. The string voltage should equal the MppV of a panel multiplied by the number of panels in a string, then adjusted for temperature.
  • Ensure shading of your solar array is kept to a minimum. Trimming of trees and vegetation that may shade your solar array is recommended to ensure the optimal performance of your solar system.

Please Note: Green Energy Options recommends that only qualified professionals should attempt to access your roof to maintain your solar system and that unqualified persons should not attempt to touch or service any electrical components associated with your solar system.

Green Energy Options provides maintenance checks and cleaning for solar systems, please contact us for further information. 1300 931 929 or